Sports Betting in Rhode Island

sports betting

Rhode Island legalized sports betting in June 2018. Bet Saracen was the first sports betting app to launch in the state. The app is designed to help beginners place Underdog and Total bets, which are bets on the winner and the total number of points scored during a game. For more information on these types of bets, read on.

Rhode Island legalized sports betting in June 2018

After the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting in May 2018, Rhode Island was one of the first New England states to legalize sports betting. It was also one of the fastest states to take action, passing the bill S 2045 to sanction organized sports betting. The bill is now in effect and allows the state to offer sports wagering online and in-person.

Bet Saracen is the first app to go live in the state

The Saracen Casino Resort and Betly both offer iPhone and Android betting apps. Betly launched in the state before BetSaracen, but their offerings didn’t include NHL lines. With the latest addition, BetSaracen has expanded its sports betting options and increased competition in the state. A web browser tour of BetSaracen shows how easy-to-use it is, and its Twitter feed is full of positive feedback.

Underdog bets

Underdog bets in sports betting are an extremely popular type of bet. They can be classified in two ways: as a team that is not considered a favorite, and as the team that is considered to have the lowest odds in the game. This type of bet is perfect for amateur punters, as there is no need to make complex calculations.

Total (Over/Under) bets

Over/Under (Total) sports bets are a popular way to place a bet on a sporting event. Unlike point spreads, which are only available for pre-game bets, over/unders are available for live betting as well. Over/Unders are a fun way to place a wager while keeping the odds in your favor.


There are many kinds of sports handicappers, each with their own style of analysis. Some handicappers like to crunch numbers to find meaningful indicators, while others prefer to rely on their own opinion and reasoning. These people can be old-school or technically minded, and are comfortable with statistics.

Professional bettors

Unlike the “hobby” bettor who lives in the moment, professional sports bettors build their systems over time, tracking trends and exploiting them to make money. Typically, they use computers and spreadsheet programs, although some prefer to use paper-based methods as well. You will not find any information about their winning systems in books or online.