Imperial Market will be home to 258,000 sf of upscale retail space, with a complementary mix of fashion retailers, merchants, restaurants, and entertainment venues, built on a beautiful 26 acre setting along the banks of Oyster Creek. The project has been designed with the pedestrian in mind with numerous green spaces and plazas where patrons can relax and enjoy themselves while taking a break from shopping. Visitors to Imperial Market will discover a dining, shopping, and hospitality mecca unlike any other in the Houston metro area.

A large 1/2-acre “Central Green” will serve as a linear park featuring landscaped gardens, water features, seating areas, and historical markers that will form a pedestrian spine where all of the advantages of a modern shopping experience are seamlessly bound to history. The northern end of the linear park will be home to the iconic Twin Smokestacks which will be skillfully preserved and restored to form yet another landmark on-site where shoppers can experience true Houston history. The spectacular Char House Hotel, the Fort Bend County Children’s Discovery Center, and the Sugar Land Heritage Society surround the Central Green along with an array of shops and dining options.

Each weekend visitors from Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, and the entire Houston area will gather at the time-honored Farmers Market at Imperial, which has been a long standing tradition that will continue to flourish on-site. Attracting farmers, artisans, and food stands from all over Houston, the Farmers Market at Imperial will be your next weekend tradition.


The Farmers Market will be held within the expansive Imperial Promenade which stretches from the Central Green on the east to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to the west. The promenade also forms a broad pedestrian only boulevard where patrons can stroll and relax within the central heart of Imperial Market.



A peaceful river-walk will follow the contours of the banks of Oyster Creek, providing shoppers, diners, and visitors with an opportunity to sit or stroll in this beautiful natural setting that will be further enhanced with landscaping and quiet seating areas.

The landmark Sugar Silos will provide ground floor restaurant space with outside dining where patrons can linger in the shadows of the silos or grab a quick bite before heading back to the office after lunch. The silos, which are located adjacent to the Fort Bend Children's Discovery Center, were built in one continuous concrete pour, which was a significant engineering feat for its time. Patrons will find history and modern luxury at every space in Imperial Market.

When completed, Imperial Market will be a landmark destination that will lure shoppers, diners and travellers from the entire Houston area and beyond. From visitors looking for a quick escape from the city to vacationers looking for a unique experience that blends history with modern living, Imperial Market has it all. It will also serve as a convenient gathering place for the 500,000 annual visitors to Constellation Field, the 150,000 annual visitors to the Children’s Museum and Heritage Society, and the 100,000 annual visitors to the Farmers Market. Live sports, concerts, and more will be found at Imperial Market.
Imperial Market will also become a favorite spot for the residents of the 274 unit multi-family complex to be constructed on-site, and the nearly 2,000 luxury single family homes that are being built in Imperial, the master-planned community where Imperial Market will be “at the center of it all”.

For the convenience of our visitors, a trolley service will circulate between Imperial Market, Constellation Field, and all Imperial residential areas during shopping hours, special events, and weekend nights.